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Jungian Analysis in North West London

What is psychotherapy?      

Psychotherapy provides an ongoing opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings, face-to-face and confidentially, with an experienced therapist who will listen and think with you as you work through your difficulties. The therapist is not there to give advice or make decisions for you, but to help you find and overcome the stumbling blocks that keep you from living a more satisfying life.

Therapy is a safe place to reflect on how you respond
to life events and how you relate to yourself and others.

About therapy. therapy room

Whether you want to discuss past experiences, concerns about the future, or issues with the way you are living right now, therapy is a route to greater self-awareness and reaching your potential.

Who can therapy help?

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Usually there is an emotional issue or situation that cannot easily be resolved without help.

For example, you may seek to talk to a therapist because you are:

Feeling depressed, low, lacking in confidence, or sense that something is not quite right in your life

Unhappy with your relationships or unable to form close, satisfying relationships

Discontent with your job, family or friends

Suffering from a loss or bereavement and finding it difficult to manage with life

Stressed, anxious or angry and finding it difficult to cope at home or at work

Experiencing difficulties or feeling out of control with alcohol, drugs, self-harming, overspending or eating

Confused or overwhelmed with life changes, issues about identity or sexuality, relocation or making important decisions

You may also wish to explore unresolved issues and events from the past; putting the past in perspective may enable you to more readily move forward in your life.

How is therapy different than talking with friends and family?

You will not be criticised or judged. You are free to express thoughts and feelings you might hold back with friends or family out of concern for your ongoing relationships. There is no pressure to think or respond in a particular way; there is no agenda but your own. To learn more, see working together.

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